Manage your workdays

Personalized time stream

How about more focus time? Or more time for lunch? With your personalized schedule preferences, leave it to Allset.

Meetings at your pace

Go through everyone's calendar and try to find an empty slot? Never again. You decide the attendees, Allset decides the right time for the meetings.

Auto scheduling

Right timing, right meeting

Allset suggests you schedule meetings when they are needed. With Allset by your side, you'll never miss one-on-one sessions or onboarding meetings.

Fewer meetings, more productivity

Allset will help you to skip unnecessary meetings and release you and your team from meeting overloaded.

Focus on what
really matters

The next-generation tool for meeting management.

Choose a template
Choose a template
Make an agenda
Take meeting notes
Assign to-dos
Choose a template
Make an agenda
Take meeting notes
Assign to-dos

Make every meeting count

Be prepared for your next meeting.

Keep track of to-dos

Keep track of to-dos

Organize and track action items of every meeting.

Meeting feedback

Meeting feedback

Give and get feedback in real-time to continually improve your team's efficiency.

And more

Native apps

At the desktop or on the go, Allset works where you do.

Browser extensions

Allset works seamlessly with your favorite calendar app in the browser at your fingertips.


By connecting with your tool stack, Allset works even better.

Share availability

Share your availability with others, and Allset will pick the proper time for appointments along with your focus time.


Lyla in London and Liam in New York can work together like they were in the same city.


All you need to know about your workdays at a glance.


Love to use shortcuts? Follow your instinct, and it will work.

Light and Dark UI

Light or dark, Allset suit your system or preferences.

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